Custom Estate Planning
Custom Estate Planning

Who Needs an Estate Plan?


Did you know that each of us has an estate? Your estate is merely the assets you own, such as your car, residence, other real estate, cash and bank accounts. Regardless of how big or small, we all have an estate that we cannot take with us when we die. This is why estate planning is important for everyone.

What We Offer?


No two estate are the same, which is why at CEP we structure an estate plan specifically for you. We create a custom plan to meet your current financial needs, help you acheive your future goals, and to provide for your loved ones once you are gone.

We are a full service, estate planning law firm.


1) We draft all of the necessary documents to create an estate plan;

2) We provide trust administration when requested; and

3) We litigate all probate and trust matters when necessary.

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