Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal charges can completely transform your life, leaving you not only with the potential for fines and jail time, but also a lifetime of struggling to secure employment and housing due to your criminal record. The stakes are high, so you cannot afford anything other than exceptional legal counsel from a Stockton criminal defense attorney with a stellar track record. That’s exactly what you’ll receive when you work with the Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt, a trusted criminal defense law firm with an impressive reputation in Stockton and surrounding communities.

Types of Criminal Cases Handled at the Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt

The Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt handles all criminal matters, providing those accused of misdemeanors and felonies with the high-quality counsel and representation they need. Many of the firm’s cases involve DUI charges. The Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt handles both the criminal proceedings and administrative proceedings conducted by the DMV.

The Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt also handles criminal cases at the appellate level. Appeals cases present a number of challenges above and beyond those encountered in a standard courtroom setting, so it’s important to work with a successful appeals lawyer such as Dru Hunt.

Attributes Of An Ideal Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of committing a crime, aggressive defense is absolutely vital. The ideal Stockton criminal lawyer will fight passionately for your rights and not rest until your case has been brought to a favorable conclusion. Empathetic counsel is a cornerstone of the Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt.

Clients greatly appreciate Dru Hunt’s respectful candor and patient counsel. Dru Hunt also boasts an extensive understanding of California’s unique legal landscape. He has a great reputation in the local legal community and has worked extensively with many of the area’s top lawyers. He is highly regarded by fellow attorneys, who speak well of his legal skill and understanding of criminal law.

The Law Office of Dru Vincent Hunt provides clients with trustworthy support every step of the way, from arraignment through appeal. No matter the nature of the criminal charges against you or where you currently find yourself in the criminal justice process, you can count on Dru Hunt for exceptional legal service.

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